April 25, 2017

Daeth-X Armageddon
Graphic Novels

Anti-superhero conspiracy-theory historical-fiction science-fiction thriller revenge.

Planet Earth. The early part of the 21 century. The planet is in crisis. Humanity has embraced the best and worst. Only the elite few are profiting from the Advanced Technology that could make this planet a paradise. The rest live in poverty, surviving on a grand Hollywood-illusion, they too will live the dream, someday... The elite is untouchable! Politicians and corporation CEOs around the world are held to ransom by the elite through pedophile rings and other means of control. Unknown to the commoners, the elite are using advanced alien technology to produce super soldiers to take over the planet. The goal - safeguard earth from the prophesized bringer of Armageddon, the angel Daeth-X and an alien invasion. Only the ancient alien manuscripts hold the power to stop the cosmic destroyer and the destruction of humanity. But nothing is what it seems.