The Trilogy of Terror


for those who want Justice!
And social change.


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On the ecologically-ravaged planet of Htrae, genetically modified super soldiers were spawned to fight world terrorism…

…only things haven’t turned out that way.

Join the fight as our heroes turn against their masters - the 1% trying to subdue the masses through government, corporate and religious control.

The Pitbull-X series are not like other comics you’ve seen or read.

In an alternative universe on a planet overcome by environmental degradation and abuse, complex, sub-human superheroes fight for justice and social change in a battle between extreme right-wing politics and all-out anarchy.

Little Orphelia

Pitbull-X heroes challenge evil forces from their past and present in a fight to free the innocent from lies, corruption - and the bad guys of course!

At a time when corporatisation, government secrecy, extreme politics and fanatical religion are on the rise, this series paints a sombre picture of a potential future where chaos and misery reign supreme.

Heavy on alternative culture, adult content and real-world puns, Pitbull-X finds an audience amongst comic book lovers, social activists and entertainment junkies alike.

Bambie Hyltonn

Created, written and published by Eric Valric, Pitbull-X is 100% independent and contains four digital comic book series in one.

Follow Pitbull-X, Eve-X Darkeyes, Daeth-X and Doemionatrix on their adventures as they battle those intent on taking control of the planet – and demons from the past that threaten to turn them bad.

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Living is a luxury only the powerful and rich can afford. Not those living in man-made perpetual misery. For them, there is only one reality - survive or die!! Remember this next time you pass judgement on those less fortunate while seeking refuge in fairy tales… The Doemionatrix - Issue One

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